Chloe Morello

Chloe Morello is an Australian YouTube beauty guru with over 56,000 subscribers and over 4 million views on her video tutorials, so it’s no surprise that we were unabashedly star struck!

As she walked into Cream Cafe she smiled and waved at us as though we had all known each other for years. In person she was articulate, personable, intelligent, incredibly beautiful and didn’t seem at all fazed that we couldn’t stop staring at her.
As she takes a seat with us she comes off as elegantly comfortable, her makeup is minimal and glowing and her hair is styled in a collected bun with relaxed pieces around her face.
We quickly begin chatting and learn how dedicated she is to her fans and YouTube subscribers…


Cut & Run: I read on your instragram that you achieved 10,000 followers in 2 months?

Chloe Morello: I get More than 10,000 new followers every month last month I got 13 or 14,000 followers. It’s just growing so fast! It’s my main priority right now even though I work full time.

Cut & Run: What are your favourite budget beauty buys?

Chloe Morello: Foundation is a must you need to start to out with a clean canvas and a flawless face so you need a good foundation. I definitely can’t live without drawing my eyebrows on because your brows frame your entire face and if your eyebrows are looking sloppy then I feel, that your entire face won’t look as polished. Some colour is needed like a blush or a bronzer.

Cut & Run: Which brands in particular?

Chloe Morello: I like Australis a lot. Their eye shadows are really good and their mascaras are good. Their mascara is one of my favourites!

Cut & Run: I have been devoted to Maybelline mascara since I was 15 and I haven’t been able to find anything as good…

Chloe Morello: No definitely try the Australis Mascara it’s really nice. I actually prefer high end make-up personally. I have so much makeup and I just feel that it’s not worth wasting money on frivolous products. I prefer quality.

Cut & Run: What is your most requested look to do?

Chloe Morello: Arabic and Indian make-up looks!

Cut & Run: Why is that?

Chloe Morello: They are so into makeup! Did you know that more lingerie is sold in Saudi Arabia than anywhere else? I get so many make-up questions from them! The second one would be Leighton Meester. Everyone says I look like her!

Cut & Run: You definitely look like her!

Chloe Morello: Everybody says that!


Cut & Run: Which look is the hardest to do?

Chloe Morello: Smokey eyes are really hard to do. It’s all about the technique. A lot of people blend out some eye shadow and call it a smokey eye when it actually has to be a gradient of colour. It has to start out very intense and then fade out into a softer colour or fade back into your skin colour. It’s very hard to do a proper smokey eye most people do it completely wrong I see tutorials all the time where people aren’t doing it right. You have to smudge and blend like 5 different eye shadows and spend 30 minutes blending on your eye.
To do it beautifully it takes time and you have to be able to blend it out and it really comes down to technique and a lot of beginners get it wrong. They think it’s easy because they just use a black eye shadow.

Cut & Run: Do you have any formal make up training?

Chloe Morello: I went to The Academy of Makeup for 9 months in Canberra. I did a diploma of make-up but when I finished we had a few weeks to hand in our portfolio but at that time my family needed me to move back to Batemans Bay because we needed another manager at our motel because our current manager left. I was really flat out there and never got around to handing in my portfolio even though I completed 9 months of training. No one has ever asked to see my diploma or anything…

Cut & Run: Did you start University before the Makeup Academy?

Chloe Morello: Yeah I did Uni in 2009 after high school. I felt kind of pressured to go because it’s the “right thing” to do and I started sports management and of course I dropped out 9 months later… so it was so shit (laughs)

Cut & Run: How young is too young to start wearing makeup?

Chloe Morello: I don’t think…. I think a lot of people view makeup as a way to look good and please society but I don’t see it like that. I see it as self-expression and improving our self-esteem and your general look. I don’t feel the need to wear makeup but I like wearing makeup because it’s fun to do and makes you feel feminine. I mean, you don’t want your kid walking around with black smokey eyes but a little blush to dress up like mummy is fine so long as they aren’t wearing mascara every day.

Cut & Run: What are the most frustrating makeup no-no’s that you see women do?

Chloe Morello: Girls who just draw black eyeliner around their eyes. And they don’t smudge it out. It’s horrible because they wear pancake makeup and white out their entire faces and then just wear black eyes and they look like a panda – It’s not attractive at all!

Cut & Run: Liquid or mineral make-up?

Chloe Morello: I wear liquid.

Cut & Run: Will liquid makeup clog your skin?

Chloe Morello: No it won’t. Mineral makeup is really good for you to wear, its healthy for your skin, it has minerals in it. It’s perfect for everyday wear but for a night time look I prefer to wear liquid. But mineral make up is good. Its animal cruelty free and it never goes off and you don’t need to apply that much.


Cut & Run: Explain contouring. Would you use blush or concealer/ foundation? We recently watched a contouring tutorial involving Jennifer Stano.

Chloe Morello: Love Jennifer Stano I’m obsessed with her! They would have used a cream foundation or concealer on her. They are pretty much the same they are highly pigmented foundation/concealer products. This would be more for a night time look you wouldn’t want to wear that everyday. That’s like pancake photography make-up or special event, like Kim Kardashian does it for events. For everyday I would use a Mac bronzer in matte I mean the aim is to create light and shadow on your face so that you improve the appearance of your bone structure. It’s actually better to use a slightly grey tone because it mimics the shadow better than a bronzer.

Cut & Run: Does Kim Kardashian use a grey tone?

Chloe Morello: No, I would say that she uses a brown tone. Brown tones are more easily accessible. No one actually makes/produces grey tone make up… I would say cool brown tones would be the best.
You use two or three shades lighter to do the center of your face and then get two or three shades darker to do the outer part of your face (indicates to the beginning of her cheek bone area) to create some contour to your face and event it out. I will be doing a tutorial on it. Maybe a tute on some quick contouring tips.


Cut and Run: Aside from make-up what are your other passions?

Chloe Morello: Just since starting YouTube I have gotten into fashion and trends I’m really into improving my wardrobe. Hair, I never gave a shit about my hair I was always about the make up. But now you can you have a bare face and then do your hair nice you can still look really polished. So I’m definitely really into that. I’m also into feminism and humanism. I’m an activist and that’s probably about it. I’m a raging feminist! It’s embarrassing!

Cut & Run: Favourite brand of eye palette?

Chloe Morello: The palette that I reach for the most, the one that I take with me when I go on holidays is the Naked Palette.

Cut & Run: Can you buy it in Australia?

Chloe Morello: You can get it shipped to you I bought mine on ebay but some people don’t like doing that because they reckon there is a lot of fakes. But you can get on It’s an absolutely amazing palette.

Cut & Run: What’s the band? Is it Naked?

Chloe Morello: No its Urban Decay and the palette is called Naked because it’s all neutral colours. Yeah they are just great quality shadows. And you can create a multitude of looks with them.

Cut & Run: How were the IMATS and what did you get up to while there?

Chloe Morello: It’s a tradeshow but anyone can go. I bought tickets because a lot of my subscribers were asking if I was going. I was able to meet heaps of my subscribers, which was really cool because obviously when I’m on the computer they can see me but all I can see are their user name so it was really good to meet them.

Cut & Run: Were you recognized there?

Chloe Morello: Yep! I was leaning over looking at HD make up and this girl yelled “Chloe Morello”! I was like shit (laughs) what did I do? It’s funny because they all know who I am.


Cut & Run: What product do you use on your eyebrows to achieve the look?

Chloe Morello: I use an angled brush and an eye shadow. It’s actually slightly satin matte colour. I like satin shades because they are more wet than matte shades they adhere to your skin better. So I find it stays better and easier to draw on a very sharp line matte shades have a product in it that makes it a bit powdery some times. And harder to stick to your skin. It’s all about using the angled brush to achieve the straight line and to get the angles that you want. But I also have a fairly natural arch that I shaped myself.

Cut & Run: Are your brows always even?

Chloe Morello: No. but I draw them on. One is little higher and the other is a little thinner but I have to draw it in.

Cut & Run: So do you have a particular brand you use on your brows?

Chloe Morello: It’s a brand called Flirt but you can’t buy it in stores yeah I bought it from the Estee Lauder corporate store a while ago.

Cut & Run: How do you shape your eyebrows?

Chloe Morello: I use threading. I thread the top part (I have a video about it) and then I just pluck the stray hairs at the bottom. I pluck every 2 or 3 weeks.

Cut & Run: Would you ever consider having a stencil made of your brows and patenting the look for re-sale. We would totally buy it!

Chloe Morello: (Laughs) Yeah for Sure! That is a really good idea!

Cut & Run: Do you do personal make-up bookings for weddings or formals?

Chloe Morello: Yes but not often. I like doing it but I don’t have time I need to film on the weekends because I need the daylight due to my camera. Also formals tend to be on week days and I just can’t. Next year when I move to Sydney I’ll take on more work.


Cut & Run: How long have you been blogging about make-up and doing video blogs?

Chloe Morello: I started the Chloe Morello channel in March and I decided that this was going to be my thing I did have another channel called caramorello that I started when I lived in Batemans Bay and I was working at my parent’s motel. I had shit all to do it was the only thing that made me happy, I was in Batemans Bay, all of my friends had moved away it was ghost town and I just loved watching other YouTube videos and I just sat in my room every day and that was my life. I built up 20,000 subscribers (on the Caramorello channel) in about a year which is pretty good for first starting out and then when I moved to Canberra I was getting settled in and I didn’t have place to stay so I moved in with my friends mum and then I finally got my own apartment and started the Chloe Morello channel on YouTube. This is what I want to focus on.

Cut & Run: Would you ever become a celebrity make-up artist?

Chloe Morello: No I don’t think I could do it! I honestly don’t really want to do that. I don’t want to be a straight celebrity make-up artist I want to do what I do on myself and teach other girls how to apply makeup for themselves so that they don’t have to go to a makeup artist.

Cut & Run: How does it feel to have over 40,000 subscribers?

Chloe Morello: 56,000 actually! Well there’s always people that have more than you and things like that. There are people who have a million subscribers. To me, it still feels like I have 5,000 subscribers it’s still very personal what I’m doing. I feel like I’m only speaking to a handful of people. When I get so many emails that I can’t keep up that’s when it’s… I tend to procrastinate. I let the emails build up and then allocate 2 or 3 hours a week answering emails.

Cut & Run: Do you get recognized on the street?

Chloe Morello: Yeah I do like when I go shopping people will write on my instagram “I just saw you shopping” and stuff like that. There was also an incident where a girl was taking photos of me at the gym she then uploaded them and even circled me in the picture. I’m not a very private person I don’t have any secrets.


Cut & Run: Favourite song on your IPod right now?

Chloe Morello: (Laughs) Pu$$y by Iggy Azalea.

Cut & Run: If you could go on a date with anyone other than your boyfriend who would it be?

Chloe Morello: Brad Pitt. Loved him in Troy, loved his long hair.

Cut & Run: Which celeb do you get mistaken for or that you’ve been told that you resemble?

Chloe Morello: Leighton Meester, Minka Kelly and I get Candice Swanepoel before she went blonde. I also get Miranda Kerr and that’s probably it.

Cut & Run: What’s your favourite exercise if any?

Chloe Morello: I like weight training but I’m not doing that at the moment. I hate cardio.

Cut & Run: How long have you and your boyfriend Jake been together for? Is he supportive of your makeup work and tutorials?

Chloe Morello: A year and 4 months. He is so good and supportive. When I first met him I didn’t tell him about the YouTube videos because back then I was a little embarrassed about them but I was worried that it would somehow get back to him… He is so supportive and likes all of my videos and writes comments on all of the videos that I upload.

Cut & Run: What are your future plans?

Chloe Morello: I’m moving to Sydney in January and I’ll be blogging full time. I will be a beauty editor for

Quickies….. what’s your favourite:

Bronzer or blush: Bronzer. Bahama Mama by The Balm

Foundation: Chanel Matte Lumiere, Make-up Store Matte Foundation and Makeup Forever HD

Mascara: Australis

Lip gloss: YSL Lip stain number 19

Lipstick: Mac Impassioned

Scent: Viktor Rolf Flower Bomb

We asked Chloe to bring just a couple of her beauty ‘must haves’ at the moment and this is what she brought….

THE BALM MARY LOU MANIZER HIGHLIGHTER (worn as eye shadow during interview)


YSL LIPSTAIN 19 (worn on lips during interview)

A BIG thank you to Chloe Morello for finding the time to meet with us. We wish you all the very best.

Boj and Ivana xx

If you have any questions about the interview or if you have any suggestions on who you would like for us to feature please leave a comment :)

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    • Hi Jess,

      Thanks for leaving a comment and reading our interview with Chloe :) we love her too! After the interview we went and bought the Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm because she brought it to the interview (she also used it in the Lauren Conrad tutorial) and its great! Chloe is very talented.
      Ivana x

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