Bianca Cheah – Nike She Runs 10k

Bianca Cheah, model and creator of Sporteluxe a site dedicated to health, fitness and stylish activewear competed in this years Nike She Runs 10k.

The impressive part is Bianca competed despite feeling unwell on the day demonstrating tenacity and determination. We asked her to share some race day tips, training schedule and her nutrition leading up to the event.



1. You competed in the Nike She Runs 10k how did you go? Did you achieve a personal best?

Yes I competed in the She Runs The Night. I did achieve a personal best, but was aiming for a better time of 52 minutes. I came down with the flu the day before the event, so was battling a pounding headache, sore throat, muscles and a blocked nose. But I promised myself that I would still run for Sporteluxe as I had so many readers waiting to see how I ran. So i’m pretty happy with 57 minutes.

2. How did you train for the event?

Nike actually helped me to train. I was sent a Nike training schedule 7 weeks prior to the event. It was a very tough programme, and some weeks I only had 1 day off. The program consisted of running, workouts and track work. Lots of distance running of up to 18kms, lots of track work in short bursts and lots of workouts of high interval training reps to work on my stride.



3. In terms of nutrition what foods did you eat while training?

I ate a lot of protein and carbs of quinoa, porridge, Goji berries, bananas, vegetables. Carbs give energy. If you don’t eat carbs, then you won’t be able to get any results from training. I also drank a glass of Vit C powder every morning, training a lot can really make you run down. So taking the right vitamins, drinking a lot of water and getting a lot of rest was really important for me in the lead up to the event.

4. It was my first year competing so I didn’t know what to expect. What advice would you offer to anyone considering entering next year?

Advice, I would sign up to the Nike Running Clubs. The night classes are fantastic, and they offer a lot of support and advice for people trying to amp up their running. Also wearing the right shoes for your running technique is so important. Find a running store that will give you a gait analysis, from there you can really work on your style, breathing and running.



5. Any race day tips?

Small light meals on the day of the race. Plenty of water and fruit. Don’t eat or drink anything 60-90 minutes before the race as stitches can really set your time back when you run. Get plenty of rest the night before, and partner up with a friend or two. Running with buddies makes the run so much more fun.

6. What do you listen to on your iPod while training?

When I run I listen to classical music. I know it sounds odd, but classical music actually keeps me relaxed. My breathing and heart rate is slow, steady and in tune with my strides. I get so much more distance when listening to Classical. And I never puff out. After a while it feels like I am gliding along the pavement with hardly any effort. If its interval training, then I listen to Jay Z.



Be sure to visit Sportelux for sound health and fitness advice.

All images obtained from Bianca Cheah’s Instagram @Sporteluxe

Ivana xx

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